Service center

Our service center provides services for the repair and maintenance of computer equipment: laptops, stationary PCs, tablets, computers, monitors and e-books. Initial on-site inspection, estimate of repair costs in 10 minutes without any obligation. A computer service performs both software and component repairs, therefore, if your laptop, for example, has a motherboard out of order, feel free to come to us and you will be restored to the motherboard as soon as possible.
We invite you to visit our center at 5 Herzliya St., Haifa or call: 04-8642665

Monitor Replacement

Did you have trouble? The matrix of your favorite monitor crashed ?!

Not a problem!

In our service center, the matrix will be replaced within a few hours if the matrix is available or within 24 hours if such a monitor is not available.


Motherboard repair

Your computer won't turn on? Makes strange noises? No image or is it distorted? No sound? USB ports not working?

Not sure what to do?

Bring your laptop to us!

 Replacing your motherboard is not a very cheap matter, but it is possible that our technicians will fix its problem by replacing just a few parts!

And it's not expensive!

Motherboard repairs start at NIS 350 in total!

Replacing the keyboard

Multiple keys not working? The child poured juice? Got sand or dust after repair?

 Everything is in our hands!

If such a keyboard is available, then its replacement will take no more than half an hour. If there is no such keyboard today, then tomorrow we will have it. And it doesn’t matter which manufacturer is on your laptop, we’ll find any.

Or, just turn off your non-working or stuck keyboard for only 100 shekels. This will give you the ability to connect external keys.

Replacing the keyboard starts at 250 shekels in total!

PC repair

The computer does not turn on? Suddenly he began to "slow down". Is something constantly ringing? Or it's just time to upgrade.

Our service is at your service.

On-site diagnostics within 10 minutes. Troubleshooting technical issues. On-site replacement of parts. Selection of the details necessary for your computer.

 Almost all parts are in stock.

The cost of the service depends on the price of the components.

Check without repair - 150 shekels. In case of repair - check is free.

Internet and Communication

Replacing a router, connecting IP cameras, setting up a wireless signal amplifier - you can order all these services from us.

Our technicians will come to you as soon as possible and set up your home or office network, connect your TV or printer to it.