he book's title

Kuznetsov V.A. "The Intuitionistic Set Theory", vol. 1, 2

Description of the first volume

The book is the first part of a 15-year research the author on the intuitionistic set theory. The result of the research is the final version of the axiomatic system of intuitionistic set theory, which provides within of intuitionistic logic full picture the world of sets is not conceding the picture given by the classical theory of sets.

Description of the second volume

The book is the second part of the 15-year research of the author on intuitionistic set theory. Reducible studies include basis intuitionistic set theory within of the axiomatic system K, obtained by the author in the first volume. Axiomatic system K of intuitionistic set theory provides within of intuitionistic logic complete picture of the world sets that are not inferior to the picture given by classical set theory. Outlined in the book basis of intuitionistic set theory sufficient for the development of intuitionistic mathematics in all directions. The book is intended for a wide circle of mathematicians.


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